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InfinitLine Ltd based in Ukraine, provides remote support services and project assistance for small and medium companies around the world.

Knowing that customers are essential for most businesses, we undertake the responsibility to build a strong and trustful customer relationship, that enables companies to perform well in their core competencies and reduce certain costs.

The key to success is having representatives who really understand your product or service. Therefore we hire qualified and experienced personnel according to each project needs, train and manage your team of customer service agents, ensuring that all your clients are assisted in due course and proficiency.


Outbound services

Infinit Line provides with talented customer care representatives, experienced sales managers and marketing specialists, ensuring sustainable growth for your business and sales increase. Specially designed team will handle customer campaigns, including telesales, customer survey, lead qualification, market research

Inbound contact center

Whether it’s inbound call center, e-commerce, including order processing, first tier technical support, helpdesk – we offer outstanding customer service solutions. Our contact center agents will respond to your clients in a timely and polite manner, professionally handle all inquiries, guaranteeing customer satisfaction


Data Processing Services

With the amount of information processed daily by our contact center, it’s obvious that all this back office data must be processed into useful information. Our team of experts will not only collect, manage and store any amount of data, but also analyse and produce the key insights, allowing you to take best strategic decision



  • Complex solutions for your business optimization in the area of customer support and other project assistance services
  • Individual approach to each project, we hire professional staff with required skills and experience to serve only your project
  • We take care of knowledge management and training according to your project requirements
  • Detailed and convenient reports, communication and monitoring of your project at each stage – optional
  • 24/7 multilingual support
  • Easier collaboration due to the insignificant time difference with Europe
  • Ukraine is well-known for high-skilled human resource capital – we value our employees and provide them comfortable working environment and pay salaries above average

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Kyiv, Ukraine

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